Major Update - A new improved Game now out!
7th June, 2014

Continue Ben and Abi's adventure in this new levels pack.
- Explore the brand new zone Attic.
- Fly around with balloons but watch out for the spikes!!!
- New picture puzzle to solve
- Better controls and improved visuals for iPad
- Bug fixes and performance enhancement
- New ways to unlock levels and zones

So what’s it about?

This is the story of Ben, Abi and you. It takes place in a world full of connected rooms and puzzles. You will need to find these connections as you help Ben and Abi make their way to the mysterious red door at the exit.

The game launches on 29th November in Canada, Australia & New Zealand and Worldwide in January.

Check out the game demo here on our website to get a glimpse of the fun, mind bending puzzles that Lost Twins has in store for you.

It was featured on "Appstore in Best New Games"